Iconic Love Stories

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Discover the real love stories behind our collection, rich and decadent history steeped with style, scandal and of course love…

Cliveden House

The Fountain of Love

At the entrance of Cliveden's glorious drive, you'll find The Fountain of Love, a two colour marble sculpture by Thomas Waldo Story featuring female figures 'frolicking' amidst spurting jets of water. Commissioned by Lord Astor himself in 1879, it was considered a bold and courageous move at the time to commission art in this contemporary and open style.    

In one of his personal notebooks dating back to the 1920s, Lord Astor even describes the sculpture himself as: "The female figures are supposed to have discovered the fountain of love and to be experiencing the effects of its wonderful elixir." We imagine it got a few hearts pulsing way back in its time...

Did you know that The Fountain of Love inspired Disney's live-action remake of Cinderella? A number of Cliveden's historic features captured the imagination of the art department behind the movie and make an appearance in several scenes. The Fountain of Love inspired the striking water feature in front of the palace and our famous clock tower features as the all-important clock that strikes midnight, sending Cinderella fleeing the ball.

The perfect backdrop for any snap, it's not one to miss when you visit!

The Lygon Arms

Romantic rendezvous for celebrities

Big names were drawn to the hotel for its historic prestige and The Lygon Arms boasts one of the most glamorous guest books in the world.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor stayed there in 1963 at the height of the scandal surrounding their affair. Other film star couples followed suit including Mary Pickford and Charles ‘Buddy Rogers’, Michael Redgrave and Rachel Kempson, Moira Shearer who at the time was much better known than her husband Ludovic Kennedy, to name just a few of the famous names who have passed through its doors. 

No one can resist its honeyed Cotswold walls and romantic crackling fireplaces with four-poster beds, not even celebrities. The perfect romantic country escape...