All Things Wild Nature Centre

Take a huge breath of revitalising fresh air at the All Things Wild Nature Centre, where you really can rediscover all the wonders of the natural world!

You don’t need bags of cash or huge thrill rides in theme parks to have a good time. Sometimes the richest experiences are right on your doorstep. That’s the idea behind this fun; educational and interactive wildlife park that aims to show off all the amazing and interesting things that nature has to offer.

Enjoy interactive animal handling sessions with some of the smaller residents and see some wild favourites, keep a look out for the park's very own little Rudolph Reindeer and say g’day to the adorable Wallabies. Learn about much more fearsome beasts in the Dinosaur Barn and on the Dino-walk before going wild playing in the Dino Diggerland. With lots of indoor and outdoor play areas families can make the most of the fresh air and open space!

  • Loads of animals for you to meet
  • Cuddle the littler residents
  • Dino Diggerland playground

A short drive from the hotel, in the village of Honeybourne.

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