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Why book direct?

Booking direct means that we can plan your stay from start to finish and ensure every part is the personalised service you expect.

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Rebalance, Reconnect & Relax

£99 Per Person

13th October 2024

Join Sophie in October for a seasonal half day retreat as she guides you through an afternoon of new and ancient practices that will provide rejuvenation, deep restoration, and relaxation for the body and mind.

All are welcome to this half day retreat that will give you an opportunity to experience 3 different practices.

Take your relaxation to new heights by extending your stay and enjoying a night at The Lygon Arms. Stay with us the night before or the night of your retreat and save 10%, when quoting WellnessDay at booking.

Enjoy 2 hour use of the spa facilities. Choose between 12pm - 2pm or 5pm - 7pm.


Sophie will lead you on a mindful gentle Hatha Yoga session, which is suitable for everyone. The theme or intention for this will be ‘letting go’, we will explore ways in which we can create space in the body and release any tightness or tensions that we may be holding onto. Hatha Yoga includes asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and savasana (relaxation).


Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep is a guided meditation practice. Whilst lying down, Sophie will lead you through a series of instructions or steps. You do not have to make any movements, just listen to the instructions and while the body sleeps, the mind remains awake and aware. This practice is deeply restorative both mentally and physically and will prepare you for the Sound Bath ceremony.


Lying down comfortably with your favourite blankets and cushions, allow the soothing sounds of crystal and metal singing bowls, Koshi and meditation chimes and wind gong to surround you. The instruments are each tuned to specific frequencies creating sounds that will relax your entire being on a psychical, mental, and cellular level.

Terms & Conditions

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