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Team Building

Understanding history is a kind of detective work, so it’s no surprise that a murder mystery lends itself well to the Lygon Arms’ historical setting. Part of the pleasure of historical crime is that it allows a return to the golden age of the amateur detective before investigations depended on forensics and CCTV. A cast of colourful characters and unreliable narrators create a satisfyingly complex mystery set in post-Civil War Worcester. They all relate the details of the same murder, but none is telling the whole truth. Quirky, fun and engaging it is a perfect afternoon activity. A crime scene will be created and your teams you will be challenged with solving the mystery using the most up-to-date crime-solving methods – from 1651.

Tablet Treasure Hunts at The Lygon Arms is engaging, fun and competitive. Making the most of the hotel’s location in the heart of the idyllic village of Broadway, you will be sent on a mission to complete as many challenging questions and tasks as you can. Along the way, you will visit some of Broadway’s charming establishments and
meet significant figures from the hotel’s colourful past. Each team will be issued with a Nexus 7 Tablet with an interactive map, along with customised questions and challenges. Track the location of the other teams in order to stay ahead of the game and score points for correct answers – but be careful as you will lose points if your
answers are wrong. Team scores will be displayed on a live leader board with the winner announced at the end of the allotted time.